Collection of Pluto.jl notebooks used to create figures for this project. To interact with Python, we use the PythonCall.jl package:

HTML pages for all figure notebooks are available below and include directions for installing and running each one.

  1. Raw data
  2. Reduced data – IMACS
  3. Reduced data – LDSS3
  4. Detrended white-light curves
  5. Detrended binned light curves
  6. Photometric monitoring
  7. Transmission spectra
  8. Retrievals
  9. HGHJ Population

The data repository can be accessed here.

General organization and navigation

The top of each notebook points to a link to download the specific dataset for each notebook. Each figure in the paper is given its own section. Within each section, the overal goal is first stated and then the figure is displayed. The analysis code to produce each figure is then shown directly underneath. The plotting-specific code is hidden for clarity, but can be revealed by clicking on the “eyeball” icon next to each figure in the downloaded notebook. All dependent cells in the notebook will run and save the figures in the same directory. The path to each figure will also be displayed in the notebook surrounded by a blue box.